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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CEST

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into a iranian tanker being seized in gibraltar so again this is something that runs but like to separate from the discussion about the nuclear agreement or to separate from the nuclear agreement in the discussions about it but obviously that's not so easy for diplomats to do so i guess it will further complicate the whole situation yeah. and back to washington the u.s. has issued an alert for vessels navigating the strait of hormuz there are around a 1000 going through a day could this conflict cause a spike in the price of oil and even hurt the global economy. it ultimately can of course i mean you in your report up to 2 hour conversation you were saying that one 3rd of the oil. of the world is actually transplanting through this through this route so of course there is the danger that the global economy will suffer under the situation and maybe even would go as far as the iranians are banking on that the iranians are banking on the threat it poses if the situation in
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the strait of hormuz in the in the waters of the persian gulf if the situation worse is and this is worsens and this is a nobody's interests ok i didn't have a tie by thanks so much for that. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. british airways and german flag carrier lufthansa have temporarily suspended all flights to cairo over security concerns british airways said this is spend would last 7 days to allow further assessment on saturday live tens accounts of those flights to cairo from its hubs in munich and frankly. police in poland have attended a number of people who verbal abuse and tried to block the marchers in the 1st l g b t pride parade in this city of be a. officers in riot gear are supported around 500 people along the equality parade route soccer hooligans and conservative activists staged counter protest.
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hundreds of protesters have gathered in front of the residence of puerto rico's governor ricardo was sello demanding his resignation after chats from a message group were leaked a week ago messages suggested dismissive attitude towards women i was sexual and hurricane victims are so low has refused to step down. today marks the 75th anniversary of the famous briefcase plot to kill hitler on july 20th 944 army colonel close she. planted a bomb in the nets he had orders were hit there was meeting his generals the device went off and killed several of those present but hitler himself was only slightly unsure staffan berg and several of his fellow conspirators were executed. it was seen as traitors today they are celebrated as heroes who gave their laws in the in
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an attempt to end it was regime. it was a sunday germany commemorated his 75th anniversary on. it brought together. historians and family members. tend. to. manchester i'm going to america led the tributes to do those who resisted a nazi regime praising the conviction that pushed them to act you know about the other was they were very aware of the consequences their actions could have for them and their families they were willing to make the greatest sacrifice their lives they put humanity above their own lives i mention leave. and one message was heard again and again the memory of the july 20 plotters is more relevant than ever and not just for germany. there is a european dimension to resistance european identity is very much based on fundamental
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human rights. but with the far right making gains across the continent did german chancellor go osa warned that populism threatened european unity. about hurt them and today we need to resolutely defend the future of the european union against nationalists some populists we need to do this more than ever and our supplies beyond europe we need to act multilaterally not unilaterally globally must nationally. the chairman even members doe's who resisted a nazi regime to country hopes that their legacy will be one of peace for europe and beyond. ok ologist in israel have an earth the remains of an ancient laws dating as far back as the 7th century a.d. the site was uncovered during building work in a bedouin town in the negev desert. the desert again reveals one of its secrets
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a new neighborhood was supposed to be built here but then archaeologists made a sensational find the remains of a mosque. experts say it could be 1200 years old dating back to long before islam was a majority religion in this part of the world. in israel before any building can begin the antiquities authority has to inspect the ground and here we discovered an 8th century farm and unearthed a mosque that was pointing to mecca. this rectangular open topped mosque with a round was most likely used by farmers mosques dating back to this time have so far only been found in largest cities ditto if the vehicle has been an archaeologist in the region for 25 years he's excited about the find but wants to wait for the samples. the so i don't think we need to assess the mosques age if
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what we do know is we're dealing with an early structure located in a village that's that's the astounding thing comes. t.v. guest says we can expect many more such discoveries in the desert thanks to improved excavation techniques the mosque in the hunt could be just the beginning. today sees the 50th anniversary of one of the 20th century's defining events on july 20th $969.00 man 1st set foot on our nearest planetary neighbor the moon the apollo 11 mission and that historic landing or watched on television by hundreds of millions of people around the world it's a spectacle that many who saw have never forgot.
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the back right. here. or am. i was in my grandmother's house all watching t.v. and watching these i looked like something absolutely unknown on something impossible. i was a snowy at who was born in 18 in 99. and she was sitting there with me watching a man land on the moon so pretty amazing they didn't even have automobiles when she was born. earlier. yet. it was
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a pity it wasn't us russians but space travel was developing fast and it was clear to us that many countries would send their astronauts into space. for. the right. if they had the right of the. tradition of course it was a knesset live event. i don't think i've ever again such a way confront to television 3 am waiting for something to happen in the business and. it was. time for sports now we turn to cycling french mint know as one stage 14 of the tour
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de france a grueling track to the top of the legendary 2000 meter high. in the pyrenees his fellow countryman julian l.f. you need to finish 6 seconds behind and remains the yellow jersey holder defending champion gay rant thomas dropped a valuable time but is still 2nd in the overall standings and golf ireland's shame lowery put on a stunning display at the british open to catapult him into the lead ahead of sunday's final round lowry had the backing of the crowd as he produced an incredible 8 under par 63 at royal port russian northern ireland that puts him 4 shots ahead of his nearest rival england's tommy fleetwood and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. iran is defying international pressure to release a british oil tanker it's seized in the gulf tehran says the vessel collided with
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a fishing boat britain is calling the seizure a dangerous move. and that's your news bulletin up next is reporter on locations the women cyclists looking to break into the tour de france nick spicer 1st more news for you in the coming hours and you can also go to w dot com and twitter handle the news for round the clock updates. what secrets lie behind these homes. find out in an immersive experience and explore passon eating cultural heritage sites. t w world heritage 360 get the. feeling
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to an official estimates more than $1200000.00 venezuelans in it in colombia legally and illegally. why return to. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. they're in witness global news that matters the need for mines playing. 13 women. 21 stages. 3480 kilometers. and one demand driver to order problems for women because so far it's our men and women competition. for her
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to come in that we want to show that women can accomplish extraordinary things too by doing something that may look a bit crazy getting people to listen to music. their plan is to cycle the entire tour de france all 3480 kilometers exactly one day ahead of the met. her here. we're in brussels where the tour de france will start this year tomorrow these 13 women set off from their. now they're making last minute preparations sorting out their helmets jerseys and shoes. like this. just to pre-judge people everybody decked out anyone need to digest plus. more because this isn't a joke and this is all legal it's all natural ingredients he's
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a food supplements. and that's just. clear florrie is the one behind the dawn on designer project which roughly translates to let's get women on bikes she's been doing the tour de france every years since 2015 no matter the circumstances. i don't know if do they were the 1st time we did the 2 or there were just 3 of us and we didn't know if we'd budgeted enough money on the trip we stayed the family is called meals and washed out jerseys by hand every evening. on the beach just on what you would you please do it yourself basically did you but that was a real adventure in psychoville show things have become much more professional in recent years. now the women have a sponsor without this financial support they'd be hardly able to pay for their bike equipment and accommodation. none of the women are professional cyclists clara
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for example works as a sports teacher and organizes this competition in your spare time. because i receive organizing all this is exhausting but it's ok because it's my passion right now it leaves me little free time for anything else because i'm totally focused on this project. but in one or 2 years when there will hopefully be a women's tour de france it will have paid off cos as political psychos it's actually think in book. in central brussels the morning before the race the women are preparing to set off. to morrow in just a few 100 metres from near the belgian king will send off the men competing in the tour de france. and then somewhat unceremoniously their off. unlike during the actual tour de france the
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roads are not blocked off to cars so they must carefully we in our traffic and there is much less pomp and glamour than during the men's race they have to deal with red lights on coming cars and other challenges. the women will cover a distance of 3480 kilometers cycling through the. the pyrenees and the alps climbing to an altitude of 2770 meters but it's not about setting new records all these women cyclists want is to be treated with the same respect as their male peers. i wish you could soon as i started cycling as a sport like when i was 24. and at some point i realized that i'd never seen a women's peloton on t.v. . even though there are plenty of women involved in competitive cycling but they never feature on t.v. i wanted to change that it's. some hardcore cycling fans have already gathered
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along the route to get a good view of the men's tour de france quite a few are impressed by the women taking on this challenge. for the sake of the men get all the backing attention they could hopeful but the women don't receive enough whether. that's why we're here to cheer them on don't want to see. anyone up for it can even cycle along with them for part of the journey everyone's invited no matter their gender. i think that's the point why is that sort of horse for men and not for women surely this rant about. cycling along with the women has become really popular now for security reasons.


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